We are a different kind of Car Wash

We promise you that you have never been to a car wash like ours!! The surrounding are pleasant and calm with free coffee if you wait for your car!
Are you fed up with the large supermarket car wash loosing your ariel and your wing mirror finding a new scratch on your beloved car? What about the quickie hand car washes where half a dozen men dive on you a quick cat’s lick and a promise and your out!!! Streaks an all!!
Come to us!! We do every car by hand inside and out from a wash and hoover to a full showroom valet what ever you would like!
It may take us longer than the rest but your car is loved as you love your car all done by hand with all the little extras done as a matter of coarse.
Call us 01308 862770 to book an appointment and if you can’t get to us we can come to you!!!

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