We are experts in convertible roof cleaning and reproofing them, We will need your car all day as each treatment has too thoroughly dry before the next treatment, prices start at £60.00.  As you can see from the picture it works very well especially if you are thinking of selling your convertible it can add to your selling price.

Pre Sale valets can add hundreds or more too the price you get from a potential buyer or dealer, so why not get us to give you a pre sale valet, including a polish, wheel trimming and detailing on the exterior and carpet dying and dash detailing wet vac and made too look as new within reason.  Prices start at £60.00 dependent on car size and condition.

Mopping have you got some scratches on your car as long as they are not too deep we can remove them with our mop, usual rule of thumb is if you can get your finger nail in the scratch we won’t be able to get it out, but we can make it look better.  Mopping starting price is £30.00